Rookie or Tball?

UpdatedThursday January 18, 2018 byJim McCubbin.

Tball is for boys and girls ages 4-6 who are are experincing the sport for the first time.  It is structured for development only.  No score is kept at games, and teams have 6-8 players.

Rookie baseball is for boys ages 5-6 (girls are welcome too, but we also offer softball for them).  It is at this level that competition is introduced.  Teams have 10-12 players, and score is kept during games.  The ball is pitched from a machine at 32 mph.  At the conclusion of the season there is a championship tournament.  

If your player is able to hit the ball out of the air, can focus at practice and is ready to begin learning all the lessons associated with competition, we recommend rookie baseball.